the process

process description


This step is already finished: After researching what is out there in terms of illustrations and books about synesthesia I plan to publish a book myself.

Input collection

This is where you can contribute. We need as many intesting and fascinating visualizations of synesthetic perceptions as possible.

Sorting & refinement

Once enough visualizations are collected, I can sort them into clusters for the readers. This will be an interative process. I don’t know yet how to structure the illustrations because I still need more of them.

Illustration & write up

The sketches and pictures collected in the first step will be turned into beautiful illustrations by a professional. They should have a common look and feel. Also I will add some explanatory words to them.


The final step is finding a publishing house to bring the final product to the world. If that does not work, I will self-publish the book, at least as PDF but hopefully as a printed version as well.