Every person’s perception of reality is different. Some people have a unique gift – they have a cross-talk between their senses when they read, see, or listen the also experience the texts, images or music with other senses.

Some people see numbers in color, others associate smells with pictures or music. There are many different ways how people with synesthesia perceive the world around them.

Let’s show others the magnificent capabilities of the human mind by illustrating what some people see when they think about time or numbers.

This website was created with the idea in mind to collect images of people with a special kind of synesthesia – time-space synesthesia and number form synesthesia. Or to say it in plain English – people who perceive time as a spatial phenomenon or people who “see” numbers differently.

If all this is pretty hard to imagine please have a look at the image below. It was drawn by someone with time-space synesthesia (sometimes called sequence-space-synesthesia):

This is the kind of sketch that will serve as input to the illustrator who converts the sketches into works of art.